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Achievement and goal creation going forward is difficult if you have nothing to compare it to. Ultimately the best form of comparison is from your past successes and failures. That’s why when still in the learning stages of your professional envelopment, it important to keep a Graduate Attribute Portfolio (GAP). This blog allow me to keep track of these developments.


Managing Director – Universe Development Limited

Since I was 16 I have been the Managing Director of 2 companies. One still remains still to this day, Universe Development Limited. So far my use with this company has been non trading. However many projects have been established out of it, such as The Education Bay. This site has had tens of thousands of unique viewers and has been used mainly by the largest Model United Nations conference in the country. This 3 year project has now turned into something bigger, MUNiverse.

Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN is a growing activity in the educational world. Hundreds, even thousands of people come together to debate world changing topics at conferences around the globe. In 2014 I ran the biggest MUN conference in the United Kingdom with over 850 people taking part as Secretary General. However this is not my biggest achievement surrounding MUN. Being the innovator that I am, 4 years ago I set out to change the way conferences were run on paper and transform it into a modern system. To this day this process still takes place at Haileybury MUN, the biggest conference in the UK. This year (2016) Haileybury MUN was reviewed by the THIMUN foundation. The largest and most famous MUN foundations (NGO) in the world. In this publication produced by the THIMUN board, I was mentioned by name and as a “tech wizard” and the following was reviewed by my application developed for MUN conferences:

The application procedure is, according to feedback from visiting directors, very easy to use, and they even had a mobile app for students and directors to download (both iOS and Android) which contained various guides for delegates, a live indicator displaying the current status of resolutions in the approvals process and a map. Through data analysis, student officers were given forewarning of the popularity of various issues on the agenda judged from the volume of research reports downloaded. This gave chairs an idea of how many resolutions to expect on each issue.

This was produced this month (April) and will be made public in the following months. This is by far my biggest achievement regarding my professional development. As I will show in my goals area, I have chosen to build upon my successes in this area with a new company I will be joining call MUNiverse Limited.

OBIS Technical Advisor

In May 2015 I was hired by Oxford Brookes Information Systems (OBIS) as a Technical Advisor, part of the Service Desk department. My role here is to offer technical assistance to all students and staff at the university. I also offer advise to the Business Partnerships department of OBIS. This has been seen in the addition of certain functions to Student Google calendars (E.G. Exam Schedule) as well as the development of the PIP exam results hub. Feedback has also been given back regarding the upcoming introduction of Windows 10 to Brookes and a new Application Jukebox system.


University Studies

My main goal above anything else is to finish my Computer Science degree in 2018 with a above average of 70% through my modules. This of course is a high end goal, however I believe it is obtainable with hard work and passion, both of which I give to my modules. The path to this will be better research in the topics I am learning in my modules, something which I have lacked so far this year. I have locked in my chosen modules for the next 2 years and ensured I have chosen the modules I am most passionate about. This includes Web Technology and Network administration.


I will be joining a company as a “Technology Rapporteur” over this summer. I have already been booked help run conferences in February 2017 in America and also to give talks to teachers on an Inset Day in June. I hope I can further progress the technology I have provided to the MUN circuit this year at my job at MUNiverse. This time next year my progress towards this goal will be measurable.

Final Year Project

Something which I’m still thinking about now relatively early is my final year project. I want to build something that can aid in some form of education (something which can be seen I’m quite passionate about in my Achievements). An idea I’m playing around with (whether or not it will be my final year project) is a “Multiuser IDE”. The aim, to allow people (mainly aimed at schools) to code (E.G. Python) simultaneously live. There are many issues that could arise when developing such a program, however as a keen problem solver I believe to create something like this is a big goal in my horizon.


My aim is to continue working for the OBIS Service Desk through out my studies. It’s incredibly rewarding to help and solve peoples issues. At a big operation like Brookes it is interesting and character building working for both peers and also the lectures who teach me as well. Keeping this job is one of my aims and I hope to continue aiding people and learning from the staff working in the many areas of IT at OBIS.

Future Work

One of my professional goals for when I leave is to be in a comfortable position to work either for myself or remain with my position at MUNiverse. Working for a large company as part of their ecosystem isn’t for me, however it is difficult to enter a sole business world. I have experience in Web development and server hosting and would like to take my Universe Development company forward when I have completed my degree.  With MUNiverse, a Model United Nations training and consultancy company I can see myself working with real experts in that area and can see myself aiding my skills in that section.


I believe I have made some good achievements in my past and I can learn from these and the mistakes made along the way. All my goals are obtainable and measurable and I look forward to seeing where I stand with my portfolio in a years time.


The Education Bay

Haileybury MUN